Is This the Most Expensive Easter Egg Ever? Wow… Extravagant!

Just in time for Easter, the world’s most expensive egg owned by a mystery collector was unveiled. This incredible ornament was called the “Mirage”. It’s a unique gem that only the richest can afford. It’s too highly-priced you need to be a billionaire to shell it off. The “Mirage” diamond egg has more than 1,000 diamonds … Read more

Shocking Technology Predictions by Experts. I Couldn’t Believe Bill Gates & Einstein Failed.

The world’s greatest inventors and technology icons were often considered as model in our modern world but before they become famous they made some mistakes particularly on their future predictions of technology. As technology icons and famous individuals they sometimes made dumb statement that they regret and learned their lessons in a hard way. There … Read more

Look at These 10 Colorful and Bizarre Looking Animals. Groomers Gone Wild! #6 is So Cuddly!

Colorful and bizarre looking pooches and felines flooded the town of East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. It hosted the Intergroom 2014 Creative Challenge dog grooming and feline fantasy competition. The canine and feline groomers showed off their skills by clipping, shaving and dying the dogs and cats to resemble fantasy characters and landscapes. There were over 2,000 … Read more