This Ape Was Gathering Dried Sticks. What He Did After Totally Blew My Mind Away. Unbelievable!

Kanzi is an amazing ape renowned for his intelligence. The Bonobo demonstrated his fire-building and marshmallow-toasting skills on camera for the BBC show, “Monkey Planet.”

The video (a clip from the final episode of the BBC documentary on primates) shows Kanzi collecting a pile of dry bush.

Bonobo Collects a Pile Of Dry Bush

He then starts to be build a fire with a match.

Bonobo Builds A Fire

… skews in pieces of marshmallows.

Bonobo Skews In Pieces of Marshmallows

… starts to toasts them until one side becomes not-so golden brownish.

Bonobo Toasts Marshmallow

… then eats his finished meal.

Bonobo Eats The Toasted Marshmallow

Kanzi’s performance gained praises on social media. “Every good psychology student knows who Kanzi is, but I didn’t know he could toast marshmallows!” one viewer tweeted after seeing the show. But there were also some who were not convinced saying it’s fake, that it was a human clothed in a bonobo suit.

It’s not the first time Kanzi exhibited such amazing act. This famously intelligent ape is expert in sign language, knowledgeable in using a smartphone to order his own meals, and shows remarkable empathy for his human handlers.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself whether it’s true or not:

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