Should You Rinse Rice Before Cooking? Take A Look

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In countries like the Philippines, rice is the number one staple food. Most people, especially in the Asian countries can’t live without eating rice together with a certain viand. Mostly, rice is being boiled and steamed. For some left over rice, they are being fried.


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Rice is a great source of carbohydrates that is converted into energy. Also, this is cholesterol-free. Rice is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as niacin, vitamin D, iron, calcium, fiber, thiamine and riboflavin. But still, too much rice consumption can lead to certain health problems like diabet3s.

Cooking rice is just an easy task to many. One of the most common thing being done in the preparation is by rinsing the rice. Now, there’s a big question that frequently asked, is it necessary to rinse or wash the rice first or not?

Some people might be too lazy to take time to wash the rice first and believe that through the when cooking, germs and bacteria will be gone. Some people aren’t thinking that there might be dirt or other impurities in the rice that’s why, washing it is a good thing.

Here are the things that you would expect when the rice is washed or unwashed according to StethNews:

Washed Rice
• Rice grains are separated and can be easily separated.
• Rice can be fluffier than the unwashed.
• Rice grains are just right for every bite.

Unwashed Rice
• Big clumps can be observed; looks really sticky.
• The texture of the rice is also a bit gluey.

Most people will still prefer the washed texture and not the unwashed one. Since rice is starchy, boiling it can create bubbles and lumps after being cooked.


Generally, in order to be safer, washing of rice before cooking is still the better choice to make. But, it’s up to you if you have been used to not washing rice before cooking.

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