They Said Boys Are Far Away Better Than Girls. Do You Agree With This?

There are times that we compare ourselves to other people; we often say that our kind is far away better than them. These are done most of the times by girlfriend and boyfriend relationship. It is like they compare the attitude of their partner from them.

Some of the boys says that they are better compared their girlfriend, and there are also girls says it opposite. Here are some of the facts about the attitude of boys and girls being compared.

1.) When the Fingernails are broken
boys vs girls

2.) What kind of car do they have
boys vs girls1

3.) When packing for a trip
boys vs girls2

4.) How do they look at the mirror
boys vs girls3

5.) Before and after getting a haircut
boys vs girls4

6.) Checking-out each other
boys vs girls5

7.) Talking about their date
boys vs girls6

8.) Seeing a Hot girl
boys vs girls7

9.) When Playing a video game
boys vs girls8

10.) Rooms and car being compared
boys vs girls9

They say that most of the time boys are really fun to be with, because their personality is way better compared to girls. But there are also girls that are fun and cool like boys! What do you think?

Do you agree with this?

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They Said Boys Are Far Away Better Than Girls. Do You Agree With This?

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