Enjoy This Exciting Battle Of Remote Controlled Toys…This Gonna Be Intense!

In the childhood days, we always wanted to have, at least, a toy. For girls, they really dream just to have a Barbie doll and other related toys beautifying the doll. For boys, mostly, the ultimate dream is a real remote controlled toy, may it be a car, a boat, or a helicopter. Now, the […]

These Are The Tips To Dress Up Like A Real Man! You Will Surely Get A Girl Ones You Do This!

We do a lot of things everyday; we would always think that we are doing it correctly because it is done daily and no one’s complaining about it. You won’t remember those things you have done once you are already tired, but are we sure that we don’t look stupid to other people? Here is […]

Whose Life Is Easier And Better In A Daily Basis? Is It Boys Or Girls? This Will Answer Your Question!

Once we are on a relationship and fights with our boyfriend or girlfriend, we compare ourselves with each other.  We tell each other that our attitude is far away better than them. What is the reason why do we do this? Is it really true that attitude of boys are more disciplined compared to girls? […]

Makeup Transformation Is Not Only For Girls! These Guys Nailed It! LOL

There are a lot of people especially girls who share their life and stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more social networking sites. Bad, happy, weird, funny and creepy thoughts are being shared on this site! Even kids and elderly people like going in these social networking sites because it is so much fun to […]

They Said Boys Are Far Away Better Than Girls. Do You Agree With This?

There are times that we compare ourselves to other people; we often say that our kind is far away better than them. These are done most of the times by girlfriend and boyfriend relationship. It is like they compare the attitude of their partner from them. Some of the boys says that they are better […]

How Does Your Dad Look Like? These Are The Ways How You See Your Dad!!

Our father are the one who taught us so many great things in life together with our mother, we learned lessons from them since we were a kid. For boys, we say that we copied our father’s looks, attitude and personality as we grow. They are our idols when we were a little child until […]

For Men Out There! Here Is a Quick Signs If A Girl Likes You! Watch Tips Here!

If you are a boy, have you ever asked yourself how will your crush want you? Of course most of us boys will always find a way on how to make our crushes likes us too. In high school before having a boyfriend or girlfriend, the very first step of love is crush. First we […]

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