How These Two Dark Circles Formed In The Pool Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Renowned scientist Albert Einstein once said that “the important thing is to never stop questioning,” and knowing everything happens for a reason, mere existence of those things aren’t still enough to answer mysteries around the world. And to answer such unexplainable queries, there are subjects taught at school like Science.

Science matters, for how everything came to life, it explains. Along with science comes Physics, denoted as ‘concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy.’ To explain things with Physics’ help, we often conduct experiment like what the girl did in the video you are about to see. She was amazed at what happened when she used a plate and dragged it into the pool, and she discovered something you need to know too:

So that’s it! When you’re in the pool and got a plate with you, you can find this cool thing too. She found two small vortexes traveling next to each other as a result of nature’s power. And along with Science, her experiment resulted into something amazing for everyone to know! Incredible! 🙂

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