30 Fearless Photos That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

People are talking about these photos that show the fearless people are having fun at the edge of a cliff or tall buildings. Their photos will give you goosebumps. Boredpanda.com compiled  30 of the most death-defying photos out there that will test even our most hardened readers. Their fearless photos showed that they are not … Read more

32 Vintage Photos Of Creepy Clowns That Will Give You Goosebumps

35. Vintage Photos Of Creepy Clowns

Creepy Clowns recently became popular nowadays. Clown became popular because of their scary looks and their viral videos showing they attacks  people. The people in  masked wearing clown suits who were scaring other people on the streets in America and UK went viral 0ver the social media. What is this clown-craze representing we are about … Read more

30 Photos Of Furry Little Newborns With Their Cute Hairstyles

Babies in our home brought happiness and joys to our families. as a loving parent, Playing with your child is one of the most important things you can do. The most important role that play can have is to help children to be active. But one of the netizens shared some photos that feature the babies that were … Read more

30 Garfemon: Artist Turns Garfield Into Different Pokemon

Amazing artist in Chicago creates a unique and creative Pokemon of his own. His works caught the attention of the Pokemon fans after he turns Garfield into different Pokemon characters. According to a report, the Chicago-based artist Shawn Bowers started a project that hasn’t been done before. It’s called Garfemon and the idea is simple – … Read more

Sleeping Twins Epic Adventures, Lovely Idea By Their Mom

sleeping twins japanese

Being a parent is not an easy task as it depends on how a child would grow up in the future. How about having twins?it would be a little more challenging. But, as always, there are ways that can be done in order to make parenthood a little exciting and not bring. A Japanese mother … Read more

20 Funny Photos Of Expectations VS Reality

20 Funny Photos Of Expectations VS Reality

We always have expectations in our lives. The expectation is a vision but reality is when it happens to you. But truth be told, reality is mostly cruel and harsh. It is because the expectation is a world of dreams. We always have very high expectations that seem so pretty and perfect but the fact is that … Read more

Amazing Moustaches Showcased By 2016 National Beard Competitors

amazing moustaches

Moustaches have become a fashion statement even before. Most men who have the ‘bill’ can afford to have eye-catching moustaches and even, somehow, talks about their standing in the society before. Until now, there are many people who take pride of their moustaches and even join competitions like the National Beard and Moustache competition in Nashville, … Read more