It Looks Like Wings.. But What It Really Is Will Make You Want To Get One Like I Do Now. Beautiful.

Creativity exists everywhere- from a blank sheet of paper, to marble and into designs. The most common design made by human is fashion, which obviously speaks of everything our body needs to wear. Many designers are engaged into this artwork, and each concentrates into their specific area of creation. Melbourne-based fashion designer, Roza Khamitova, who … Read more

So Far, These Are The Most 50 Beautiful Earrings I’ve Ever Seen! I Like #s 10, 30 And 38! I Want To Have One! So Cute!

Fashion greatly affects how we work on our daily appearance- from head to toe, fashion influences and speaks. And oftentimes, one person’s personality can be easily determine through the clothes and accessories he/she is wearing, and that goes also the same with piercing. Since one of human’s need is the recognition (among from love, security … Read more