When Construction Fails…This Is So Hilarious…

In this world of we have now that’s constantly developing, constructing of the different establishment has been constant. Skyscrapers, buildings, and other infrastructures are created to make life easier. In construction, it really requires great knowledge on the different aspects like design and materials. What if the construction of a certain thing fails? Have you … Read more

Let’s See What Happens After This Guy Combine Jet And Kart

After fabricating an insane steel suit, British inventor Colin Furze came up with a new project. The British-based builder has been busy with his invention for some time now. Although his invention not comes in a classy design, yet it’s something that every racer look for. Watch the video below as he show you his … Read more

Inuyasha’s Sword Tessaiga Has Been Recreated And It’s Incredibly Stunning

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Architects From Around The World Incredibly Designed These 35 Weirdest Buildings

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Manhattan-based Architect Marc Kushner Aims To Influence The Public To Rethink The Buildings Where They Spend Their Lives

Manhattan-based architect Marc Kushner whose work aims to influence the public to rethink the buildings where they spend their lives, says “Rather than moving from style to style, architecture is entering an age of wild experimentation and a return to hyperlocal solutions. Every selfie that someone snaps in front of a building, every comment someone … Read more