These Statues Found At Special Park In Ireland Will Give You Nightmares

Ever seen a statue? Anywhere, you can find this kind of structure which is a work of art and is symbolic in nature. There are various meanings how and why some kind of statue is created; others represents human figures while others are just for display.

A nine-acre park Victoria’s Way in Ireland also built statues for practicing meditation, but with their large and scary statues, I don’t think meditation would be easy. Take a look at their strange and horrifying statues that will give you real nightmares.

Split Man

scary park 1

scary park 1a

Dark Night of the Soul

scary park 2


scary park 3

Create or Die

scary park 4

The Ferryman’s End

scary park 5

scary park 5a

scary park 5b


H/T: ViralNova

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