Egypt Does Not Hold The Highest Number Of Pyramids

Egypt Is Not Home To The Largest Quantity Of Pyramids

EGYPT – Pyramids are commonly associated with ancient Egyptian monuments, what many are unaware of is that Sudan surpasses Egypt in the number of pyramids it possesses.

While the common perception often associates Egypt with the global hub of pyramids, particularly due to depictions in movies, the actual title of the world’s pyramid capital, and even the primary hub in northern Africa, belongs to Sudan, situated to the south of Egypt.

Surprisingly, Sudan is home to the highest number of pyramids globally, ranging from 200 to 255, surpassing Egypt’s count of 138. These Sudanese pyramids, distinct from those built by ancient Egyptians moving southward, were constructed by the Kingdom of Kush, an ancient civilization reigning along the Nile River from 1070 BC to 350 AD.

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While the Kushites initiated pyramid construction about 500 years after the Egyptians, both cultures utilized pyramids for burying their deceased. The differences between the two are evident in size, with Kushite pyramids averaging 6 to 30 meters (20 to 98 feet) in height, compared to the average height of 138 meters (453 feet) for Egyptian pyramids.

The primary concentration of Kushite pyramids is in the ancient city of Meroë, situated in modern-day Sudan, where approximately 200 out of the country’s 255 pyramids are located, indicating its historical significance as a thriving metropolis.

Despite knowledge of the builders and the timeframe, numerous questions about the Sudanese pyramids remain unanswered. Aspects such as the construction methods, duration, and the fate of the society at large remain uncertain. Nevertheless, ongoing archaeological efforts in Meroë, incorporating innovative techniques like drone scans, aim to unveil these mysteries.

Contrary to popular belief, Egypt not only falls short in terms of the highest pyramid count but also does not house the world’s largest pyramid. That distinction goes to Mexico’s Great Pyramid of Cholula, concealed within a mountain. Thus, while Egypt’s pyramids dominate discussions in popular culture, other nations possess equally remarkable structures, prompting further exploration into the secrets they conceal.

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