30 Best Gifts For People Who Love To Travel The World

There are people who really love to travel anywhere. In fact, there are lots of them. Do you know anyone who takes traveling as a form of relaxation? Do you want to give him or her a present which can be used whenever he or she is on an escapade?

Recently, Bored Panda compiled several best gifts for travel junkies aside from actual plane ticket. These pieces of stuff are surely useful for those who want to explore the different places and travelers will surely love these.

Here is the list of the 30 best gifts for travelers.

1. Anti-Theft Backpack

This one’s a perfect gift for travelers as it can keep their stuff safe.


2. Scratch Off World Map

One can scratch off the places that he or has been to in this map.


3. Lord Of The Rings Quote Passport Cover

A perfect gift for an avid fan of the Lord of the Rings.


4. Sticker World Map

This map will surely make a traveler happy.


5. Compass With A Quote

A compass with an inspiring quote for exploration.


6. Floating Tree Tent

This is perfect for overnights in the woods.


7.  Scratch Off Cities Book

A unique and interesting gift for travel junkies.


8. Stress Ball Map

Take that stress away with this stress ball map.

Denes Sator

9. Blank Globe Which Lets You Color The Places You’ve Traveled

The traveler can color the places that he or she has been to.


10.  World Map Patchwork Duvet

This one’s indeed a cute gift.

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