For Keeps: Doodle Figures Instead Of Selfie Shots

Selfie has always been the trend nowadays as many people have considered social media as the modern diaries – may it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Considering the online world as grounds where one keeps track of his adventures, one can simply settle with simple pictures of his journeys or continue posting his selfies online.

That traditional way of keeping records were not considered by a couple behind Doodledeux in Bored Panda.

Instead of taking selfies which is undeniably a trend and makes no difference anymore, they came up with using doodle in their pictures instead of their real faces.

They named their doodled Abang and Neng.

In one of their trip in Singapore, Abang and Neng were pictured eating a sandwich. Only the hands of one of the couple could be seen in the picture.

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