5 Ways To Save Your Hard-Earned Money- Learn Them Now

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Most people all over the world are spending more or less than eight hours of work. Some dedicate their whole time on business. Why? Because you might agree or not, people wanted something in return. Among those is money.

Money is considered one of the most powerful forces in the planet. In order to survive, one needs to buy mostly the primary needs for living. That’s one of the biggest reasons why people are working, performing, and even doing business – for survival.

Now, you don’t want your hard-earned money to fly away fast, aren’t you? Here are five simple ways on how to save your money now.

1. Pay Yourself First

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This means that after receiving your money, think of nothing else but yourself. Because from the first place, why are you working anyway? For someone else? NO! You work to earn money for yourself and for your beloved family.

All you have to do is to put a certain amount for yourself FIRST before paying all your bills or buy something. This will constantly teach you how to save for yourself rather than spending.

2. Master the 30-Day Rule

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Try avoiding “instant gratification” or that great desire of your to experience a certain kind of pleasure without any delay. It may be the experience of a pricey food or even having the latest model of a smartphone.

All you need to do is to wait for 30 days before deciding to buy that thing you want to experience. This time frame will lead you to think very well or even cut down the urge of buying. This is because, you didn’t know if you’ll be needing the supposed money later on.

3. Keep The Change (all of it)

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Yes, that’s basically it! Just keep the change from every expense you’ve made, whether it maybe in bills or in coins. Money is money. Putting coins in a tray or any other container will do the trick. This method has been already used even before. Every extra money, just put in your savings container.

Then, every month or quarter, try counting all that you have saved. Most of you will be surprised by it!

4. Save With A Purpose

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Setting your mind to reach something can really fuel you every time. That is also applicable in saving money. Once you’ve already set a purpose or goal in saving, you will have a feeling of being required to put on an amount of money even if it’s small (it’s still better than nothing).

Together with discipline, your purpose will be fulfilled in most cases. You will also learn the meaning of prioritizing.

5. Create A Suited Budget


Setting up how you will spend your money is really crucial to saving money. It may be tough but, it will truly help you in becoming a true disciplined saver.

Start your budgeting by knowing your REAL expenses as well as your needs. Now, try to put a certain amount of money to be spent for a week. Then, as the days go by, try lessening the allotted weekly budget until you determine the amount that you’ll be needing.

Try to follow these steps as soon as possible. You’ll surely benefit from these as the time goes by! Trust it.

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