Netizen From PHL Wants To Remove The Aquinos From P500 Bill – You Need To See This

A Facebook user recently posted a photo of a P500 bill where pictures of the late Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. and President Cory Aquino were printed, requests to the next president to remove the two from the Philippine Peso bill. Before, only the late Senator Aquuino was featured in the bill. But in a new generation series last 2010, it is redesigned to wherein the portrait of his wife, late President Cory was added.

According to the post of the Facebook user,

“Hinihiling ko duon sa susunod na magiging Pangulo ng Pilipinas kung sino Kaman, Grace, Miriam, Binay o Duterte, paki alis na po sana ang mga larawan na ito sa 500 peso, sapagkat hindi po sila nababagay dito, hindi naman sila mga bayani para ilagay sa pera. Sana mabigyan pansin ito kung sinoman ang susunod na magiging pangulo.”

[I am asking the next president of the Philippines, whoever you are, Grace, Miriam, Binay or Duterte please remove their image from the P500 bill, because they do not fit in here, they aren’t heroes. I hope attention would be given to this, whoever the next president will be.]

The post currently has about 2,000 shares and it is coupled by thousands of reactions from people who have seen the post by I. Ponce.
Some agreed to remove the two from the bill.

“Kung iisipin tama, mas marami n karadapat dapat maging bayani kaysa sa knila” [If you’ll going to think of it, there are more heroes worthy [to be placed in the bill] than them]

Another user said,

“Oo nga po.. Hindi tlga angkop.. Politician ng cla,, hndi cla bayani.” [Yes! They don’t fit in. They are just politicians not heroes.]
A user also pointed out the renaming of the Manila International Airport.

“Sang-ayon ako..pati ang NAIA alisin at ibalik ang MIA. [I agree, even the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) must be removed and return the name MIA (Manila International Airport)]

Some also disagreed to the post and said the the two deserved to be placed in the bill.

“Alam mo ba kung bakit nandiyan sila? PM mo lang kung gusto mo malaman. At bakit naman nila papalitan? Dahil sa opinyon mo? Sorry. May opinion lang din kasi ako. BSED in history nga pala.”

[Do you know why they are there? Message me if you want to know. And why should they change that? Because of your opinion? Sorry. I have my opinion, too. By the way, BSED in History here.]

But, some just said that there are still more important issues need to be focused on.

What can you say about this issue?

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  1. It is very worrying that some people want to bring back the Marcos family to power. It is widely know that he was on of the most horrifying dictators in Asian history. Why do you want his son to be president? It really sound like a propaganda project from the few still survivors of the horrible regime. To call Marcos president is a crime to democrazy.


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