What The Smell Of A Female’s Most Private Part Means – Every Woman Needs To Know This

Among the most delicate part of a woman’s body is her “V”. Most people doesn’t want to talk about this because it seems to be awkward for many. The female’s private part is very important in the reproduction of another human. But, just like other parts of the body, the “V” might be experiencing certain problems.


Among the most common issues that relate to the “V” is its smell. Many say that it smells like fish. Well, most men are just so mean. But, that’s normal. It is because of the normal bacteria living down there. It then interacts with the clothes you usually wear, the food you eat, your sweat, hygiene, etc.

That’s why, many women are using different soaps and feminine washes just to make it smell “fresh”. But, this just interferes the natural pH balance (acidity) of that female body part.

According to Sara Gottfried M.D., author of the “Hormone Cure”,

“There’s so much shame around the normal range of what women smell like. We’re stuck with this mindset that women are expected to be nice, pretty and for their lady parts to smell really good, like some fake scent. Like you’re going to smell like a gardenia. And that’s just going to make you miserable because that’s not the normal human scent.”

V-Smell and their Meanings

1. Fishy Scent
A really common description on how the “V” smells. But, having a really fishy smell of the V could mean a medical issue that needs to be addressed. This caused by bacterial infection with a white or gray discharge. Consulting a doctor is advised.


2. Metallic Scent
This smell is common after having a period or after you let your partner’s “tiny swimmer” enter the “gates”. The change of smell down under is commonly caused by the change of pH level in the area. This scent is normal but needs to be checked by a doctor if it persists.


3. Yeast/Bread Scent
This smell could be caused by yeast infection. Having thick, white discharge could mean there’s something wrong there. Better have a checkup immediately.

Portrait of a young woman holding her nose because of a bad smell. Isolated on white.

4. Musky Scent
Having really sweaty pants or underwear could lead to a musky scent below. Try washing your “V” with mild soap and clean water. Then, wear loose clothes ad observe it smells better.


5. Rotten Scent
This scent down there really needs some medical attention ASAP. You don’t want to suffer from serious medical issues, are you?

Having a good dose of hygiene can really lessen the smell and prevent you from other medical issues related.

Stay fresh!

But, consulting a doctor is really a good option to make.

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