Humans Could Develop Webbed Hands And Cat Eyes Due To Global Warming – Shocking

As we are now experiencing global warming, we can really tell that it is not good to abuse the Earth we’re living at. It’s all our fault why global warming arise. This now threats the lives of creatures in this world. Because of the heat of the sun, the ice caps will melt resulting to extreme rise of water level all over the globe.

Basing on this, a British scientist named Dr. Matthew Skinner have stated that human will evolve and will be having webbed hands and feet due to the submerged environment. Also, cat eyes will also develop due to the unclear sight underwater. Well, this is still a speculation. What do you think of this?

Watch this video of a scientist who claimed that we, humans, will be having webbed hands and feet and cat eyes due to climate change.

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Video from The Harry Read Me File.

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