Man Converts A 700-Year-Old Cave To Become A Modern Caveman – Unbelievable

Among the basic needs of a human being is a home. Even our ancestors have made a way to keep themselves to be safe with homes of caves. These caves seemed to be the easiest way for them to survive the dangers of the wild. And we thought that being a caveman is just from the Stone Age.

A man named Angelo Mastropietro spent about £160,000 or $230,000 to build his dream house on a 700-year-old cave in the Wyre Forest, Wyre Forest, United Kingdom . What made it special is that, he’s that the one who did most of the hard work. Now, he’s considered as a modern-day caveman.

Watch this video showing how a man converted an ancient cave into his dream house. Wow!

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Video from Barcroft TV.

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