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All of us have experienced dreaming, right. We can see different characters and we’re being placed in different situations. But, did you know what these dreams mean?

Some said that dreams are the reverse of what will really happen in real life.

Here are some common dreams and their meanings revealed by psychologists. Hope this helps you solve your dreams.

1. Falling Teeth
Your teeth are an important symbol of how powerful and confident you are. So it suggests that when some of your teeth fall, your confidence might be lowering in real life.

2. Being Chased
There might be an issue in your real life that you want to solve, but are unsure how to do so.

3. Unable to find a Toilet
No one is being able to find one can mean that you are finding it hard to express your own needs in life since toilets are one of our basic needs.

4. Naked in public
Clothes present a particular image to the people around us, so being naked in public suggests that there is a situation in our real life that is making you feel vulnerable and exposed.

5. Unprepared for an exam
Since exams are done to know our ability and learning, so this indicates that you are critically examining your own performance in real life.

6. Flying
Flying suggests that you have released yourself from problems and challenges that have been weighing you down in real life.

7. Falling
Falling in a dream, suggests that you are like hanging on too tightly to a particular situation in real life, and you need to relax and let go of it.

8. Out-of-control vehicle
The car suggests your ability to consistently progress toward a specific goal, so in real life, you may feel that you don’t have enough control over your life. The road to success.

9. Empty Room

The rooms in a house indicates different aspects of your character and personality, thus, finding an unused room suggests that you’re discovering a talent that you were previously unaware of.

Now, what is your dream all about?
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