Viral Right Now: Chinese Netizens And Even The World Are Surprised On How Clear The Floodwaters In Japan Look Like – I Feel A Bit Envy Seeing This

One of the effects of global warming is climate change. It’s also the reason for some disastrous typhoons, especially in the Pacific. Japan is being swarmed by heavy rains in the past few days resulting to floods. But, one thing that really shocked Chinese netizens and other netizens around the world are the pictures of pool-like clarity of floodwater in a subway in the Easter Japan, City of Hamamatsu.

This really signifies the discipline of a country towards pollution. How we wish we could be like that!

Here are images of the now going viral clear floodwaters in Japan. This really shocked the first time seeing it.

Look how clear the water is! You can even swim in there (if you like)!




Common floodwaters are so muddy, brown to black colored, but this. It’s just incredible!



What do you think about that?
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(h/t: Hongkongfp )

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