18 Of The Most Spectacular Chandeliers Made From Unusual Objects

Decorating one’s house is a little pesky (we know that) but though it may take a lot of your time, money and effort, it will make you less worried and comfortable staying in your house. Imagine going around your house with no style at all. Would that satisfy your colorful mind? I don’t think so.

There are various decorations you can put up in your house and some are just too expensive to buy like the chandeliers. Those ornate glass fixtures that hang from the tops of a high-ceilinged foyers or dining rooms are for rich people. But nope, they aren’t. You can have one too as long as you’re ready to create and be resourceful enough.

Want some samples? Here are 18 chandeliers made with strange materials and a little creativity that you can follow to make. Superb!

1. Umbrellas

chandelier 4

2. Wine Corks

chandelier 18

3. Old Globes

chandelier 1

4. Beer Bottles

chandelier 2

5. Test Tubes

chandelier 3

6. Cupcake Liners

chandelier 10

7. Milk Crates

chandelier 5

8. Deer Antlers

chandelier 6

9. Gummi Bears

chandelier 7

chandelier 7a

10. Popsicle Sticks

chandelier 8

11. Utensils

chandelier 9

12. Drum Kit

chandelier 17

13. Recycled Coca-Cola Bottles

chandelier 11

14. Mason Jars

chandelier 12

15. Book Pages

chandelier 13

16. Cocktail Umbrellas

chandelier 14

17. Ballpoint Pens

chandelier 15

18. Broken Dishes

chandelier 16

Which of these chandeliers you would like to make at your house? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and if you like this post, share this to your friends online to cheer them up like you always do.

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