Awesome Engineering: This Bridge In Peru Which Is Made Of Grass Is Rebuilt By Hand Every Year

Each nation has its own unique customs and traditions, but not all of them still continue to uphold it all. Because of technology’s advancement, some decided to forget it and others improvised their way of living. But not to the country of Peru, which for so many years, practices their descendants’ culture.

One of them is the active local community of the Apurimac River Canyon, who, from the beginning of Inka, builds their bridge, not from modern construction materials that we know of, but from grass. Fof them to construct it, they harvest the grass called ‘q’oya’ and uses it for the construction. Let’s hear their story below:

Every year, as when the bridge is starting to break, the local community rebuilds the bridge along with their whole family; and when the bridge is done, they set out a celebration to honor their toil. Unbelievably amazing!

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