Simple And Easy Way To Bake The Perfect Chocolate Chip That You Will Surely Love.

We all have our different types of favorite chocolate chip cookie. Some wanted to have that thick and chewy cookie but for me I like my chocolate chip cookie thin and crispy. This cookie dough filled with chocolate chips are simply delectable. Perfect for a midnight snack or any time of the day.

We are going to show you on how to make that perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie and at the same time you won’t be needing a lot of wishing for this and same with you electric mixer. How easy is that! You only be needing a few and simple ingredients to make that perfect thin and crispy Chocolate chip cookie then viola! It’s done.

Thin and Crispy. Find out how to make these delectable cookies by watching this video. Tell us what you think and share this with your friends too.

(H/t: Food Wishes)

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