Shocking Revelation: The Use Of Talcum Powder Can Cause Problems In A Woman’s Health

To stay fit and healthy is a very challenging role in our life. You need to do almost everything to make your life away from any danger cause by illnesses and unnecessary complications. But no matter how much you change your lifestyle, there are still certain factors that could cause your life.

I once revealed that eating noodles can be a life-threatening to our body and this time, I found out that talcum powder, which is commonly used by most women as an astringent powder used for preventing rashes in private area, can increase the risk of ovarian cancer.  This video explains why and how:

According to a report from Gold Shield Group, “researchers analyzed research data from eight studies representing 8,525 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and nearly 10,000 control subjects. They found that talcum powder use in the genital area “was associated with a modest increased risk of epithelial ovarian cancer relative to women who never used powder.” Since talcum powder absorbs moisture and reduces friction which protects skin, using this on other parts of the body is not thought to increase ovarian cancer risk.

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