He Is Just 11-Years-Old But His Artworks Are Undeniably Amazing

Instead of playing outside along with his friends, 11-year-old Dusan Krtolica spend most of his time playing with the canvas, pen and paper not play with them but to make some impressive artworks.

At a first glance, you would probably say that he is not an eleven year old boy because his drawings will show you that he is like a professional artist.

Take a look on some of his artworks by scrolling down the page.

11-year-old artist-artwork-11

11-year-old artist-artwork-10

11-year-old artist-artwork-9


11-year-old artist-artwork-12

11-year-old artist-artwork-8

11-year-old artist-artwork-7

11-year-old artist-artwork-6

11-year-old artist-artwork-5

11-year-old artist-artwork-4

11-year-old artist-artwork-3

11-year-old artist-artwork-2

11-year-old artist-artwork-1


Dusan, as an artist is fond of making doodles and marginalia. Among the characters that he loves to draw are of nature such as fishes, birds, insect and even dinosaurs. Dusan is also particular in every artwork he make. In fact, he even use a magnifying glass to secure that his every masterpiece is made with with the finest details. Despite the fact that he is very young, yet he prove to the whole world that he got something that he should be proud of.

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