Here Are 20 Of The Most Amazing Things You Can Do With Mason Jars

It’s inevitable for someone not to have something left-over materials, and sometimes, because of being so confident about the things around us, those left-over or ‘useless’ things are thrown.

However, not all waste is waste. There are still which can be reuse and recycle like mason jars. Yes,mason jars may be empty but you can do something to fill it out simply by upcycling it like these 20 amazing DIYs.

Take a look at how you can reuse those mason jars at your home:

1. Mount them on the wall as vases for fresh flowers.

mason jars 1

2. Turn it into a soap dispenser.

mason jars 2

3. Make them into monogrammed party cups.

mason jars 3

4. Make a mounted bathroom organizer.

mason jars 4

5. Metallic mason jar vases.

mason jars 5

6. Alternatively, you could always paint the inside of the jars to provide a glossy finish.

mason jars 6

7. Upcycle it into a cool light fixture.

mason jars 7

8. Store dry goods like pasta and rice.

mason jars 8

9. Mount them in the kitchen for extra utensil storage space.

mason jars 9

10. Create an outdoor lighting system.

mason jars 10

11. Or, you can DIY and create a mason jar chandelier.

mason jars 11

12. Create the coolest snow globe ever.

mason jars 12

13. Use them as floating candle holders.

mason jars 13

14. Use them as a pancake-making tool.

mason jars 14

15. Use them to pack this messy salad without making a mess.

mason jars 15

16. Or simply to bring your pasta salad to work without worrying.

mason jars 16

17. DIY cup-I-mean-jar-of-noodles.

mason jars 17

18. DIY instant upside-down candle holder.

mason jars 18

19. DIY salt and pepper shakers.

mason jars 19

20. Make your own mason jar candle.

mason jars 20

H/T: Diply

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