15 Healthy Snacks Your Kids Can Enjoy

It takes a lot of patience when it comes to feeding the kids with healthy foods. Since children are really picky, it’s a struggle for most parents on what to cook and prepare. I sometimes even wonder if how many recipes a mother thinks to prepare for her kids’ to have some appetite over the foods on the table.

If you’re a parent and feel the same thing, worry no more. Here are some awesome snacks you can try to make for your kids. They’ll absolutely love these healthy snacks for sure!

1. Apple “Cookies” with Sunflower Seed Butter and Trail Mix Topping

healthy snacks 1

2. Bite-Sized Snack Balls


healthy snacks 2


3. Healthy Cookies That Hide Veggies

healthy snacks 4

4. Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Deliciously Thick Shakes


healthy snacks 5

5. These Cute Orange Slice Butterflies for Party and Play Date Snacks


healthy snacks 6


6. Mini Sandwiches

healthy snacks 10

7. The Classic Veggie and Amazing Dip Plate

healthy snacks 7

8. Anything with Rice Krispies

healthy snacks 8

9. Healthy and Hearty Chocolate Pudding in Minutes

healthy snacks 9

10. Frozen Fruit Popsicles

healthy snacks 34


11. Ants on a Log

healthy snacks 11


12. Sweet Potato Tots

healthy snacks 12

13. These Adorable Homemade Snack Packs


healthy snacks 13

14. All Fruit Smoothies in Seconds




15. Cereal Snacks in 5 Minutes Flat

healthy snacks 15


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