Russel Westbrook Amazingly Did The Double-Clutch Reverse Dunk

Throughout the years, NBA had been the powerhouse of outrageous basketball players. Since then, people are really embracing every updates and games the associations are serving to people. Through internet, we already watch different intense games and highlights for some top basketball players on NBA. And of course, Russell Westbrook is always included and never missed the list.

Russell Westbrook Jr. or also known as Russell Westbrook is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder with a position of Point Guard. This player has proven to us that he’s one of the best players on NBA and one of his highlight game is on the video below. In it, you’ll see how he caps the break with the double-clutch reverse dunk. Watch the video below.

Also thanks to Kevin Durant who did the fast break to Russell Westbrook. So how was it for you? We will leave your reaction by dropping your comment down below. Enjoy watching.

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