Spider-Man Show Off His Incredible Basketball Dunk.

Spider-Man is one of the greatest super heroes in Marvel book stories and also in movie theaters. He always encounters bad and powerful villains and what would we expect? He always won against them all.  But you know what? This super hero is not just only a hero that helps anyone, he is also good in basketball especially in dunk tricks. Check out the video below how this guy in a Spider-Man suit show off his basketball dunk tricks.

In this video, at first look he is just an ordinary student that you can oppress but everything is changed when he stepped in on basketball court and transform into a Spider-Man. He is not going to save anyone in the basketball court instead he wants to play basketball and show his incredible dunk tricks.

Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy is on his crazy dunk idea to assists him and they were succeeding it. You’ll see how high Spider-Man jumps that he can reach his head to the ring. All of his dunk tricks are truly amazing. This video shows that there are still people admiring Spider-Man and uses his identity to apply their insane ideas.

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Spider-Man’s Incredible Basketball Dunk

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