At First Glance, You’d Think This Little Creature Is Some Kind Of A Dog. But Take A Closer Look And Know It’s Actually A Horse. What??!!

When you say miniature, of course you picture out something small. But how small is mini? Probably this one is something you can call miniature miniature.

A tiny horse named Acer is said to be Britain’s smallest steed at just 22 inches tall. He lives with his owner Maureen O’Sullivan at Wolf’s Castle Miniature Horse farm where you’ll expect horses to be really small, but Acer is even smaller – he’s especially very tiny.

Because of his size, the little equine is free to roam around Maureen’s house and play with his best friend that is a Labrador dog. Acer even considers himself as a dog rather than a horse.

Despite the disadvantages of being small, Acer still gets plenty of attention and gives joy to everyone he meets. He is very well loved even if he’s a little dwarfy.

The reason behind Acer’s one in a million physical feature is due to the fact that he suffers dwarfism and that he didn’t grow properly in the her mother’s womb.

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