You Can’t Tell Who Joined Miley On Her Concert.. But What’s For Sure Is She Got Some Reason To Put You In Tears.

It was always believed by so many of us to believe in our dreams and reach for it no matter where life takes us, but not all are blessed with some opportunity to live for it. There are some who want to do anything to acquire it but some things which hinder them- weakness, poverty, and sickness.

Most of these people just wanted to do one thing and that’s to meet the person who inspires them to continue struggling with life. One of them is the unexpected guest of Miley Cyrus during her Concert for Hope 2009, who took Miley’s attention and was pulled on the stage with her and sings ‘The Climb.’

Nobody in the concert expected that Miley’s little guest suffers from cancer and is dying of it. But because of what Miley did, she felt some hope, enough to carry everything even for a short period of time. Thanks, Miley! 🙂

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