Check Out How These Guys Build The Lifesize Bumblebee. You Would Never Guess How Cool It Is!

“Autobots transform!” this is the famous command of Autobot commander – Optimus Prime in the movie ‘Transformers’, and speaking of “Autobots”, Bumblebee will always be included on the list.

With his cool transformation from yellow Camaro car, most kids love him so much even though he can’t speak, you will be amazed with his dramatic saving scenes in the movie especially to Sam Witwicky.

We always saw him changing formation into a robot in the movie but have you ever imagine what is his real-life look or have you ever seen his lifesize figure? Well check out the video below and witness how these guys were amazed to transform the Bumblebee robot.

In this video from Autobots Invade Chicago! YouTube Channel, you’ll see these guys unboxing the parts of Bumblebee body in Chicago on February 10, 2009. You can see how big and heavy each part of the body of Bumblebee is, no wonder one person cannot carry it alone, it needed 5 or more people to cooperate in lifting machine to build it successfully until it’s completely finished.

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