You’ll Never Guess How This Light Domino Was Made. OMG! It’s Pretty Much Impressive!

Usually, when it comes to domino effect, most people use small rectangles as seen in any social network sites. But this video below is seemed to be odd. It’s because instead of using a small rectangular-thing to make an amazing chain reaction, speed of light is used. Check out how and what thing they used while doing this. It will actually make you say, WOW!

Optical Power also known as focusing or convergence power is the degree to which a lens, mirror or other optical system converges or diverges light.

In this video from au YouTube Channel, you’ll witness how the dark room or area captured the breath taking chain reaction using lens to make a speed of light.

At first, there’s a bright light from that hole in the wall that is directed to the magnifying glass. Suddenly, you’ll be amazed on the sequence of the chain reaction that monitors the upcoming sequences.

For sure, after you watched this video you’ll got to say, Awesome!

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