Check Out The Beauty Of These Kids While They’re Battling With Cancer. This Will Move You To Tears.

Children are the greatest blessing one can actually have. They’re the ultimate reason of faith and happiness we still uphold to, because it makes us continue the life we started despite of any hardship. Since we love them so much, we don’t want them to suffer the unfairness of life at early age, but it’s a reality when we can’t control their fate and they have to deal with something we didn’t expect- illness.

Children can acquire different illnesses when they’re young but one of the most life-threatening diseases they can have is cancer which drastically end one’s life without any caution. It’s too difficult to imagine but more children all over the world is suffering from cancer and we can’t do anything but love and care for them at any second they got on this planet.

Three of those kids with cancer are Rylie Hughey, 3, Ainsley Peters, 4, and Rheann Franklin, 6 who were battling with cancer. For a project, recently, just last April, photographers Lora Scantling and Christy Goodger teamed up to create a compelling photo shoot of these three young girls.

This is their first original photo which shows three of them to have a peaceful and personal pose together. At the time Rylie was battling stage-five kidney cancer, Ainsley was fighting leukemia, and Rheann was battling brain cancer. The caption on the photo conveys a moving and inspirational message.

kids with cancer 1


Each of them got their personal photo shoot..



kids with cancer 8

kids with cancer 7


kids with cancer 6


kids with cancer 5


And according to Today News, the three girls have recently reconnected for another photo shoot for a much lighter reason, all of them had announced in July that they were each in remission. The photographers, Scantling and Goodger, tried to recreate the original photo.

kids with cancer 2


Scantling told Today News that the second photo shoot felt quite different than the first, and that “it was full of more hope, and we know how much the girls have impacted the world.” To celebrate the good news, Goodger and Scantling planned a brighter, outdoor photo shoot.

 So Rylie, Ainsley, and Rheann are seen in more colourful outfits than the original photos in order to keep the mood bright.

kids with cancer 3

These new photo shoot they had are still going viral across the Internet and serve as a beautiful basis for hope and survival. The “cancer patients – spouses, children, etc – are a lot like major disaster survivors and tend to band together as much as possible”, Rheann’s mother said. 

kids with cancer 4

Source Credit: Diply

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