These 18 Pair Of Socks Worn By George H.W. Bush Are The Coolest And The Weirdest. The Last One Is The Best! LOL!

Are you particular about the pair of socks that you wore on your feet? Is it always a good pair of not a pair?

Let me reveal one secret to you. Do you know George H.W. Bush? I’ll tell you. George H.W. Bush or George Herbert Walker Bush is an American politician who was the 41st President of the United States. He also served again as the 43rd Vice- President of United States. He was considered as the oldest living former President and Vice President of United Stated.

But there’s one thing weird about Mr. Bush. He has the coolest sock collection in the Presidential history.

Want to see his pair of socks? I’ll show it.

Sock 1

Sock 3

Sock 2

Sock 5

Sock 6

Sock 7

Sock 9

Sock 10

Sock 11

Sock 12

Sock 13

Sock 15

Sock 16

George H.W. Bush, Helen Thorgalsen, Bonnie Clement

Sock 13

Sock 2

Sock 18

Sock 8

Most of the times, what was not seen is not that much important. Just when you feel that you are already comfortable, it’s all that matters.

Indeed, it’s weird but it’s also the coolest worn pair of socks I’ve ever seen.

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