This Guy’s Incredible Talent Will Change The Way You Play Billiards. Unbelievably Stunning!

Billiards is generally known as cue sports. As its name says, it’s being played with a cue stick and billiard balls over a cloth-covered billiard table. There have been many names who rose to fame in this kind of sports.

But there’s one exceptional guy in the name of Florian Kohler (aka Venom) who has changed the way people see billiards.

Not an ordinary guy, Florian Kohler (aka Venom) was born in France in 1988, speaks 3 languages, is a licensed Optometrist and holds a black belt in Judo. He is significantly known as a pool phenomenon who has redefined the sport of “trick shot pool” through a combination of artistry and breathtaking skill that he has gone on world tour, visiting nine countries in five weeks, to perform his magic.

Venom was not able to play pool until he turned 18, when he received a 6-foot pool table as a birthday gift from his parents.

During a tour in Germany,  Venom showcased his trick shots as well as his remarkable powers of concentration.


It is amazing how well he can keep his eye on the ball with that fetching woman sitting on the pool table.


And perform his shots perfectly without being distracted by the sex lady.


Apparently, the laws of physics don’t apply to this Jedi master.

Florian Kohler

The following videos are just a few series from his world tours:

Venom Trickshots II- Episode I (China)

Venom Trickshots II- Episode II (Las Vegas)

Venom Trickshots II- Episode III: Sexy Pool Trick Shots (Germany)

Venom Trickshots II- Episode IV (China)

You can also check out Venom Trickshots website here.

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