Wonder How Severe Brazil’s Crime Is? Watch What Happened During This Interview… So Terrible!

Brazil is known to be the host of the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup and authorities are under pressure to strengthen its security. Brazil in widely known for its chronic problems with crime and violence especially in the nearly-1,000 favelas outside the main city of Rio de Janeiro where gang and drug-related crime is rife.

Doing its part as a media entity, Brazil’s Globo TV set out to create a story about how bad street crime is in the city.

RJTV Reporter

They conducted a live interview with a woman (not named) and asked if she is scared of all the crime in the center of Rio.

A woman was interviewed

And while she was giving her insights complaining about the lack of police in broad daylight, a young man suddenly sneaks up from behind and rips the gold necklace from her neck.

Necklace snatched from a woman's neckYoung man snatches a woman's necklace

The video shows the snatcher fleeing down a busy street and the interviewer from RJTV chasing him. But the thief was too fast, the reporter couldn’t catch him.

Reporter chased the snatcher

Though the would-be criminal left empty handed (he dropped the necklace), he broke the gold chain. Watch the video below:


Brazil’s rampant street crime isn’t new but we hope that this footage will serve as a warning to everyone travelling to the city for the World Cup to be on guard as well as prompt authorities and the government to do its best to resolve the issue.

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