35 Hilarious GIF’s That Will Absolutely Make You Cry With Laughter. #13 and #33 Certainly Made My Day! Super LOL!

The internet has all the things you need to make your day complete. When you’re feeling down or you want to get rid of life’s stresses, these 30 hilarious gif’s will surely be of great help.

#1. If there’s Angry Birds, there’s also the Angriest Otter.

Angry Otter

#2. This is what you get when you’re not thinking.

Ball Dive

#3. This is the cat who gets hooked with balloons.

Balloon Enthusiast

#4. This cat just can’t be a bee.

Bee Cat

#5. Nice bucket head there, man!

Blue Light Protest

#6. This cat just realized how sad “Lion King” is.

Cat Watching Lion King

$7. Is this the new Rodeo?


#8. This is the disadvantage of being short.

Dog Fail

#9. He was expecting it. He just didn’t realize it would happen too soon.

Dogs Fighting

#10. Now this one’s totally pissing me off.


#11. The moment Elmo got so excited that he jumped of the shelf.


#12. Catch that Big Flying Fish!


#13. This cat lost his way. Thanks to this man!

Lost Cat

#14. This kid gets violent every time he hears music.


#15. This pug is too shy to show off his dancing skills.

Pug Dancing

#16. The smartest dog in the world, EVER!

Smart Dog

#17. The two kinds of squirrel.


#18. Nice stunt little dog! You’ve got the perfect score from me.

Stumbling Dog

#19. This is what will happen if you get too excited to swim.

Swimming Time

#20. The best actor, EVER!

The Actor

#21. These dogs planned well their two-pronged attack.

The Attack

#22. The is when her phobia with clowns started.

The Clown

#23. Huh? Anyways, maybe next time!

The Communion

#24. The time when the domino did not take effect.

The Domino Effect

#25. The “Great Escape”

The Great Escape

#26. When Huskies are having fun, they can do the craziest thing.

The Huskies

#27. The innovation that will make your life a mess.

The Innovation

#28. The most entertaining mascot, EVER!

The Mascot

#29. When kittens are frightened, they over react.

The Overreaction

#30. When a prank goes better than you expected.

The Prank

#31. This cat saw something really terrifying.

The Scared Cat

#32. The “Grand Thief”

The Thief

#33. The reason why you shouldn’t mess up with the treadmill.

The Threadmill

#34. He almost did it. But… sorry!

The Turtle

#35. This s what happens when you let your kids get dunk.

Tiny Drunk Adults

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