Seeing Chickens Fighting Is Just Usual. But What This Singaporean Photographer Discovered Really Shocked Me! WOW!

When we think of animals joining in a show to exhibit their beauty and vigor, we would always consider fluffy dogs, furry cats, or highly accessorized ponies. But in a recent documentation of a Singaporean photographer in the name of Ernest Goh, he created a series of images featuring the diversity and glamour of chickens which are often neglected.

Ernest Goh, explored the lands of Malaysia and found something too interesting – the Ayam Seramas – a variety of chickens which is specifically known for its beauty.

According Ernest, these chickens “were not bred for consumption but purely for ornamental reasons.”ayam-seramas-chicken-photography-ernest-goh-8
 And here in Malaysia, they have this so called “Chicken Beauty Pageant” for the Ayam Seramas ever week.ayam-seramas-chicken-photography-ernest-goh-2
Each chickens were scrutinized by experts and judged through the look and color of their feathers.ayam-seramas-chicken-photography-ernest-goh-4
The appearance of their combs…
Ayam Seramas
And their attitude as to how they project themselves.
The boldness of their wings is also taken into consideration…ayam-seramas-chicken-photography-ernest-goh-5
… their wings which they held close to their body down to the ground like arms.ayam-seramas-chicken-photography-ernest-goh-6
Though beauty pageant for chickens is something that still looks bizarre for me, how these feathery friends displayed their extraordinarily high, full and proud-looking breasts and their upright posture, unveiled a little human within them.ayam-seramas-chicken-photography-ernest-goh-7

 Watch the video below to learn more of these peculiar chickens and their journey to achieving their glorious crown.

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