The Story Behind This Dog Being Reunited With Its Human Might Break Your Heart

A dog’s love is amazing. It’s proven that aside from being a companion, they will do everything for their humans- a best friend who will listen and who will be there at any circumstances no matter what happens because that’s how boundless their loyalty is.

We have heard a lot of dog stories that is worth the tears and the joy of taking good car  e of our dogs even more just like how this story will move you. This short film is about an elderly man and his loyal dog. One night, the man appears to have a medical emergency and this happened:

The dog followed his master in the hospital and is left to wander outside of the building. Several hours after, the dog races up to the woman in a wheelchair who leaves the hospital. Why? It’s the implication is that its owner (the elderly man), an organ donor, saved her life by his liver transplant. This is actually a public service announcement from Argentina yet it knows where to hit you really hard. Now, I’m running out of tissue.

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