SOFTDRINK: History, Origin & Facts About This Fruity Concoctions


SOFTDRINK – Here is the history, origin and facts about this fruity concoctions offering tasty and bubbly experience. Soft drinks, also known as sodas or fizzy drinks, are a popular and refreshing beverage enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide. It is a non-alcoholic yet carbonated beverage, meaning it has tiny bubbles when you open … Read more

7 Popular Brands of Soft Drinks in the Philippines

Soft Drinks

SODA BRANDS – Here are the seven popular brands of soft drinks in the Philippines that have been quenching the thirst of Filipinos for decades. Soft drinks or also known as sodas, pop, or carbonated beverages, have become a part of modern culture. These flavorful concoctions are enjoyed by people of all ages and are … Read more

This Guy Flies Just Using Soft Drinks – Unbelievable

The world have seen airplanes, rockets, and space shuttles flying. It’s the Wright Brothers who started inventing airplanes and then changed the world. Aircraft need powerful turbo engines in order to get off earth’s gravity and fly in the skies. But, how come that a guy did also fly by using soft drinks only? Is … Read more