Etiquettes That Many People Didn’t Know Yet, #8 Is Awesome

Etiquette is something everyone needs to possess as it would remind you of the things that you be done and those which are not. What etiquette do know and follow most of the time? Brightside have compiled a list of simple etiquette reminders that could be applied everywhere in the world. 1. How to place your cutlery […]

11 Public Toilets That Won’t Offer You Enough “Comfort” – Terribly-Hilarious…

In order to have a great health, you must also have a good hygiene. Most of us perform our hygiene regimens inside a comfort room or restroom. In public places like malls, train stations, or in the airport, restrooms must be as welcoming and usable as possible. If not, like these images of toilets below, […]

These Are 10 Things You Use Everyday Might Be Bad For You – #10 Is Very Alarming…

Everyday in our lives, we do and interact with different things inside our homes, in the office or in public places. We just can’t live without these everyday things that are really part of our lives now. For example, because of our business and rush mornings, we just cook processed foods like hams and bacon. […]

The Ultimate Paint Battle: Hilarious Battle Of Vandalism And Paint Job..

Most of us are told in school and by our parents not to do vandalism in school properties and at home to not to draw on tables and chairs. Some told us also not to paint on walls unauthorized. You know what I’m saying; making illegal graffiti on public and private walls. These illegal painting […]

Hilarious Passenger Does Mini-Concert At A Public Jeepney In the Philippines…

The world is exploding with awesome talented people. There are many who were just so incredible. Most these talents  were shown in stages, concerts, or even in television. Some talents are presented in the streets and are still amazing. The Philippines is a country with a rich culture and tradition. Not only that, Filipinos are […]

This Happens When Social Networking Sites Voices Out In Real Life

Since the technology had grown wider nowadays, there are a lot of great inventions that make our lives more comfortable and make our jobs easier to do. One of the greatest technologies that we are using nowadays is the computer and the internet. Through this, we can communicate to our love ones by using some […]

This Cosplayer Dresses Up As Sailor Moon And Prank Some Strangers

We all love making fun with other people, we like seeing their hilarious faces and reactions after completing our pranks. Are you one of the guys who love watching crazy pranks done in public places? If you are, here is a video that will surely make you laugh hard because of what this cosplayer did. […]

This Man Never Saw The Pole And Surprised Some Strangers

It is really fun to make our friends look fool and feel embarrassment, that is the reason why we love planning crazy things to make it possible. Do you love making some pranks together with your friends on public places? If you are, here is a crazy and funny prank that you can also try […]

This Artist in Trafalgar Square Uses His Audience to Be Part Of His Performace

Street performers are truly incredible once they are doing their best to catch the attention of the crowd, we would often take time watching their whole performance once we see them in public. If you are a kind of person who loves watching unique tricks on streets, here is a video that you’ll surely love. […]

These G20 Police Officers In Brisbane, Australia Showed Some Dance Moves

Police are one of the most respected professionals that help us in times of trouble, they may often look serious but they can also do crazy things that would make us smile. Are you a kind of person who loves watching funny videos online? If you are, here is a cool and funny video that […]

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