Boy Spends A Year Trying To Shoot A Spoon In A Mug – Must See

If you have something really wanted to achieve, you won’t stop doing and trying it all over again. Like in sports, in dancing, or other fields, continues training is really needed to perfect or excel. And yes, this means anything you wanted to do. Just like this boy named Niall Brady who spent a year […]

Amazing Acrobatic Poses Made By A Duo In A Running Motorcycle…Heart-Pounding

We have been amused by a lot of talents and skills of people all over the television, the internet, or even live. There are talents that seem really impossible to be done, but some people are just so dedicated to practice and train doing such things. A lot us have already seen acrobatic performances made […]

This Little Girl Does Her Best “Moon Walk” And Captured By A Dash Cam

Little kids are really amusing and could always make us smile once they are doing something crazy. Do also love playing with your younger siblings and make fun of them at home? What do you think is the wackiest thing they’ve ever done that made you laugh hard? If you love seeing things that are […]

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