Guy Uses Balloons To Create 5 Pranks For Friends And Family, You Need To Watch This…

We are all living in a world where there are lots of stress. That’s why, we need to enjoy life through things that we love doing. It’s really a great feeling to be with friends and families. One of the most enjoyable thing to do is to pranks with them. Excuse me, those that won’t […]

This Girl Has The Most Terrifying Laugh You’ll Ever Hear

Laughing is a natural action of humans and more likely, it’s a sign of happiness. Of course, not all people have the same laugh since the sound depends on your age and maturity. However, one can actually fake or imitate a laugh like what these two girls are doing. They both copy an evil laugh […]

You’ll Laugh And At Same Time Get Scared With The Sound Of This Baby’s Laugh

People behave according to their age; whether they’re doing something, maturity of the mind always tell their actions and attitude. But sometimes, there are those who act inappropriate of their age, either normal or voluntary. Have you seen a baby acting like human? Or a man acting like a child? If you’re curious how they […]

These People Try To Laugh Like SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants had been a great pal to our childhood days. This animated television series really did a great job in making people smile and entertained. With this TV Series, the character of Spongebob had become well known for almost every people. In fact, it almost garnered millions of fans all over the world. It […]

This Confused Man Mistakes A Photo Booth For A Bathroom Stall

There are a lot of prank videos that we enjoy watching because it’s really funny to see the hilarious reactions of the strangers being prank. You must really have big guts and plan a lot to make your prank successful. Have you ever tried to prank some strangers on public? If you’re a kind of […]

This Cute Baby Seems So Happy With Her Bath Time. How She Laughs Will Surely Make You Smile… Awww!!

Sometimes baby is like a dog, we do have a hard time during their bath. They will be in a bad mood and start crying once they are on water, that’s why being a parent is a not an easy job. But having a baby in the family will surely complete you because of what […]

A Woman Was Talking To Someone Over Her Cellphone.. But What Happened Next Will Make Your Stomach Feel So Much Pain.. From Laughing! HAHA! :D

Like yawning, laughing is very, very contagious, that even when you’ve heard someone laughing way too hard without knowing the reason behind it, you’ll join the fun and started laughing on your own. Well, laughing is one of our ways to put away the stress and weariness we feel so much every day. Who don’t […]

Warning: Dogs Aren’t Man’s Best Friend.. Their Cuteness Is Their Tactic.. To Hurt You.. Sweetly! LMAO!

We all love animals, and the undefeated number one on our list are the dogs. Those cute little puppies. With their beady eyes and floppy ears, there’s no reason a single soul can’t love them. Once you loved them, they love you back. How would they love us back? Well, we don’t know what they’re thinking […]

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