Lady Creates Ice Cream Using Snow, You Need To See This One

As we ca feel and see, many of us are just chilling in the cold weather. Yes, it’s the winter season once more! Many of us seemed to just enjoy the coziness of the blankets. How about going outside and try new things? YouTuber emmymadeinjapan will teach you how to make one of your favorite […]

You Can Have These Very Yummy Baked Banana Chips With Just Two Ingredients – Can’t Wait To Try This At Home…

In our world, we just can’t live without food. Food is the source of our energy. But, we should always remember that we must eat foods that will promote health. One great example is the banana. Bananas are great sources of potassium, Vitamin C, A and a whole lot more. There are so many things […]

After Watching This, You’ll Use A Knife In The Kitchen Like Never Before – Such A Great Relief

Since man discovered cooking, it really evolved so much that every place in this world has their own style, method, and flavors in cooking food. In cooking in our kitchen, we just need to prepare food in the best way. One of the most common tools in the kitchen is the knife. Knives are used […]

Piranha In A Bowl? Nope, It’s A Watermelon..Learn How To Do This Easily..

Nobody wants that his food does not taste good right? That’s why cooks and chefs do their best to satisfy the cravings of customers. They put different ingredients and spices and mix them up with some secret add-ons. But, the eyes must be satisfied first. Food carvings are made to fruits and veggies in order […]

Tutorial Video: How To Easily Make Ice Cream Using 2 Ingredients Only

We all love eating delicious treats during holiday vacation or weekend, our little kids are really enjoying this one especially once we are watching some movies. Are you one of the guys who love eating ice cream? Did you know that you can make your own by just using some materials and ingredients at home? […]

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