PH Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Statement About How The Philippines Will Go Down In 20 Years – You Need To See This

The late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos made a statement 20 years ago about how the Philippines will go down from its status before. The Philippines is considered one of the fastest developing countries in the South-East Asian region. It’s true that the US dollar-Php rate is just so far from today, but when you look […]

Here’s How To Make The All-New Craze, McDonald’s Chocolate Fries – You Need To See This

Food stores have been popping like mushrooms because businessmen know the need for people to eat. Among the most influential food chains in the world is the iconic, McDonald’s. They are known for their fries, burgers, and, chicken. Recently, a branch in Japan made a new recipe in their menu, the trending, McDonald’s Chocolate Fries. […]

You’ve Been Dealing With Tomatoes Wrong All These Years – You Need To See This One…

Food is such a necessity for us humans. We can’t live without it. That’s why, choosing that right kinds of foo is very important. It’s really good to eat and use natural foods like veggies and fruits. Among them is a really common one in homes, tomato. These fruits are good for our health especially […]

Women Eats 100 Pieces Of Sliced Bread In Just One Sitting – Unbelievable

All of us need food in order to live in this life. Food is the major source of our energy. But, that not tells us to eat lots of food but to choose and eat the proper and healthy foods. Some people are just trying the capacity of their bodies through eating. No wonder why, […]

Know 10 Things That KFC Is Not Telling You About – Mind-Blown

Food is the thing that keeps us alive in this world. It’s the source of our energy. That’s why, there many food chains that rose up to cater the hungry tummies of people. One of the most popular food chains in the world is KFC or the Kentucky Fried Chicken. What made it so popular […]

Unbelievable: People In Malawi Charge Their Phones And Other Devices Using A Mud Stove – Amazing…

Electricity is such an important part of the world that we live in. Almost all the things we use needs electricity. But it require sources of energy in order to attain like burning coal, hydro-electric plants, and many more. As the Earth suffers from the destruction made by man, these sources also degrade. People are […]

Video: Learn How Make These Incredibly Amazing Homemade Cheesy Meatballs Perfect For Any Occasion

Everyone just love eating food in any hour of the day. Well, who doesn’t? Not that we need food for our health’s sake, but also for satisfaction. In this coming Holidays, we are stressing out on what food we should prepare. Today you’re going to learn a simple and easy way to make cheesy meatballs […]

Here 17 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Foods – You Really Shouldn’t Try These Ones…Just Please, Don’t…

Food is part of our basic needs. Without food, we cannot survive in the world. Food is the source of our energy. But, we should always be vigilant on what we’re eating. Not all foods available in the market today are beneficial for our health. Most of them can really damage our inside. We don’t […]

Now, You Can Learn How To Enjoy Pancakes More…Doing It The Chocolate Way…

Every morning we wake up, we just need energizers to boost our energy for the day. One of the most common breakfasts for children and adults are pancakes. Now, pancakes are so easy to make because of instant pancake mixes that you can buy in grocery stores. But, how about upgrading your morning with an […]

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