Plain Jeans? We Can Do Something About It!

Many fashion designers do not suggest you to buy extravagant dress to look fabulous. Most suggests to maximize what you already have. For this instance, a plain shirt and a plain jeans will do. Look at the this video and learn how to make the too simple pair of cloths look extravagant. As what it […]

Children Swapping Faces With Dolls Looks Totally Undesirable – You Need To See This

Children just love playing toys. If there’s one toy that girls really love playing are dolls. They beautify, dress, and groom them everytime. But some seemed to be afraid of the dolls’ faces. How about swapping your child’s face with a doll? Yes, it can now be done in apps in smartphones. You’ll probably seeing […]

These Are The Tips To Dress Up Like A Real Man! You Will Surely Get A Girl Ones You Do This!

We do a lot of things everyday; we would always think that we are doing it correctly because it is done daily and no one’s complaining about it. You won’t remember those things you have done once you are already tired, but are we sure that we don’t look stupid to other people? Here is […]

The Real Reason Why This 99-Year-Old Lady Sews A Dress Each Day Will Crush Your Heart.. So Much.

To help other people doesn’t require any limit- money, effort and age. Each of us are granted the will to help, spread kindness and love to strangers we don’t personally know. Though the world is full of selfish souls, it’s no wonder when we can still find people who are happy when they’re making other […]

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