Epic Panorama Fails That You’ll Surely Laugh At (Or Even Feel Creepy With)

It’s really a great feeling capturing moments in our lives. With the help of a camera, we can now freeze time and preserve that certain memory forever, well, almost. No wonder there are lots of people who become interested with photography. Now, with our smartphone, it is really possible. Not mentioning the different effects and […]

This Is How You Make A Selfie Stick By Yourself…Just Thank Me Later…

“Wait, let me take a SELFIE!” Well, that’s now a very famous word in today’s generation, the “selfie”. As we all know, a selfie is just taking a picture of yourself using, commonly with a phone. Selfies are are taken seriously that smartphone manufacturers are creating phones that are mostly dedicated to “selfie addicts”. Are […]

Be Stoked With This Newly Release Go Pro Hero 4 Session

So small so stoked. Yes, you heard it right for all the go pro fans out there this newly released go pro camera 4 sessions is the lightest, smallest and the most convenient camera yet ever has been made. Featuring a rugged and waterproof design, easy one-button control perfect for filming that favorite sports that […]

Cameras Right Now Are So Powerful…Capturing The Moon – This Is A Jaw Opener…

Cameras were used in capturing special moments in our lives. They are so useful in these days because it created other types of art; photography and videography. Cameras come on different sizes, capabilities, and prices, of course. But it never failed its purpose; to capture moments. Due to great innovations and developments, cameras right were […]

This Motocross Rider Shares Something Great About His Life

People who do incredible things when it comes to extreme sports are really awesome to watch, they often mesmerize us every time they started showing some skills on public. Are you one of the guys who love watching some insane stunt and tricks done in motocross? If you are, what do you think is the […]

This What Happens When A Drone Handler Flies His Drone For the First Time

Since the technology is really unstoppable nowadays, people are really addicted in using some high-tech devices that could make our lives easier and more comfortable. Are you one of the guys who love filming and taking footage of the most amazing events of your life? What do you think is the most wonderful ever? If […]

This Amazing Woman Takes You Through Her Pole Vault Routine

People who are doing great in showing their skills and talent are truly mesmerizing to watch, they often catch our attention once they started showing skills especially from much unexpected person. Are you a kind of person who love seeing great and amazing stunts done by a woman? If you are, here is a video […]

Pallas’s Cat Found A Camera, Did Something Creepy With It

Have you found something so different that you wanted to inspect how it even works? Animals always experienced this kind of feeling; because unlike us humans, they’re not totally familiar with things around them. Take this manul or popularly known as pallas’s cat which noticed a camera on its territory. Out of curiosity, he examines […]

18 Individuals Who Are Obviously Born For The Camera Because Of Their Photogenic Faces

There are two kinds of people on the internet: one that’s with a doll face and the other with not-to-mention face. If some people do everything to have that ‘perfect’ face over social networking sites, some would just be effortless to have it- those photogenic persons. Nevertheless of what they’re doing with their messy hair […]

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