The New Windows 10 Is Out Now…Would You Like To Upgrade?

In today’s technological world, almost all processes are done by using computers in any form. From communication, transportation, or even just paying for bills. Personal computers have an Operating System in order for you to use the computer. The most common and probably the most famous O.S. is Microsoft Windows owned and co-created by none … Read more

An Ingenious Machine That Turns Human Waste Into Water And Electricity

As time passes by, our technology got higher demands creating a multi-purpose invention. Indeed, there are already lots of different inventions that changes people’s life. When it comes to inventions, not only modern gadgets are the best but also machines which gives benefits to everybody, right? Like what was shown in the video below. This is on … Read more

Bill Gates Can Jump Over A Chair Like A Gangster

There are certain people who do something more or less of what they’re known for. Take Bill Gates for an instance. Well, he is known for being the wealthiest person all over the globe. Not only he got a lot of money, he’s also good at heart helping people in need. Aside from being a … Read more

Shocking Technology Predictions by Experts. I Couldn’t Believe Bill Gates & Einstein Failed.

The world’s greatest inventors and technology icons were often considered as model in our modern world but before they become famous they made some mistakes particularly on their future predictions of technology. As technology icons and famous individuals they sometimes made dumb statement that they regret and learned their lessons in a hard way. There … Read more