Young Filipina From Davao Who Sings Like Ariana Grande Went Viral

A young Filipina from Durian Capital of the Philippines, Davao, is currently making rounds online with her Ariana Grande-like impression. Her video which was uploaded on Facebook has generated more than 26 thousands likes and more than 500,000 views. The Pinay singer hails from Davao made a soulful rendition of Ariana Grande’s hit single “Problem” … Read more

See How Ariana Grande Sings Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ Effortlessly- While Sitting Down

After her record-breaking singles ‘Break Free’, ‘Problem’, ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Love Me Harder’, Ariana Grande proves that she’s more than just being a 21-year-old singer. She’s widely compared to legendary Mariah Carey because of her soprano vocal range and the whistle register everybody loves about her, but this time, Ariana made take her name into … Read more